Thursday, January 21, 2016

new works

Saffran 2016 working title "She Was Fun at Parties"  30" x 19" color photograph with sewing pattern image and thread

Saffran 2016 working title "Inside Looking Out"  30" x 19" color photograph with found advertising image and thread

original source photographs

These new pieces are the beginning thoughts/collages made from 5 snapshots of me on my twelfth birthday.  Although all my work is autobiographical this is the first time I have turned my gaze specifically at myself.  My interest in this series is to refashion the source images to explore the idea of the mother daughter relationship at a time when cultural expectations for women (1969) were changing.  My mother was deeply influenced by the social challenging of the second wave of feminism.  In many ways the women's movement had a profound affect upon her which in turn greatly shaped my family and my own emotional/political development. 

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