Thursday, January 21, 2016

Temple Incense "A Sheaf of Poems"

I was inspired to make this book as a gift for my dear friend David when I found a small incense tin at the second had junk store.  Measuring 3" x 2", the distressed tin was the perfect vehicle for this book.  A few years ago, during a dark personal time, David gave me a collection of cards designed by Rashani Rea that included her original design paired with excerpted quotes from Tarchin Hearn's   "A Sheaf of Poems (1981 - 2010).

On one side of each individual pages is a photograph I made of a dandelions gone to seed, on the other is a quote from Tarchin.  The pages are not meant to be in a specific order and can be shuffled and reshuffled for new associations and renewed thinking.

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