Tuesday, April 29, 2014

what I did last weekend: stinky dead stuff, sewing disaster and art

stinky dead stuff

I am happy to say that I was wrong and it hasn't taken until June for the mega feet of snow in my yard to melt.  The receding snows revealed a multitude of marvelous treasures of dead and decaying plant life.  This is my first spring in our house and I have been excited to discovered last years garden, planted by the former owner, is full of rotting materials of intricate design.  I brought a selection of unidentified stuff into the studio to photograph.  Within a very short time the pungent odor of rot permeated the room, but I couldn't move them back outside!  Even though they survived outside all winter once I discovered them I needed to protect them from the impending rainy weather!  

sewing disaster

Yep, that's Betsy looking sheepish in the corner where she hid after pulling my sewing machine off the table onto the very hard floor.  She got tangled in the power cords and in trying to extricate herself pulled the sewing machine off the table.  Yikes!  Luckily the machine, my grandma's 1970's vintage Kenmore, is made of metal and survived the impact.  A spool spindle broke off and the material feeder no longer holds things tight, making straight lines impossible to make.  I guess that means no more straight lines for me!

and art

Jackie Smith demonstrating her process of photographing subjects through a cookie cutting tube at the opening of The Ninth Annual Northfield Art Show. See more about her and her art at http://www.quirkynature.com.  She takes her fun seriously!

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