Saturday, February 8, 2014


Flow  top panel 20" x 26"  main panel 155" x 20

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

Flow is hard to see in reproduction.  The image consists of 2 pieces that are not attached to each other but are meant to be seen as one.  The longest section is a series of images blending into each other, sewn together to span almost 13 feet.  The source images are once again the trickster Coyote, (folkloric symbol of both destruction and resurrection) coupled with dormant perennial seed pods.

The importance of the sewing is shifting in this newer work. The stitch is coming into its own as a unique mark that interrupts the image and adds a layer of hand making that is done in real time.

Flow speaks to the transience of life and the belief that life never ends, it simply (or not so simply) mutates from one form to another.  When one corporeal existence dies the energy and essence of that being enters into a universal flow of energy that is never destroyed.  This flow of energy contains everything that has ever been alive.  I may still be wrestling with the ideas of reincarnation and rebirth, the jury is still out on the verdict.  However, I am committed to teasing apart and puzzling together what this all may mean.


  1. Stops my breath and my heart with its beauty....insanely beautiful!

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I think it is hard to really see and understand it when viewed on the blog. The size and small and subtle details get lost in this form I am happy to hear that Flow touched your heart! Michelle