Sunday, July 24, 2011

Show at Emile Gruppe Gallery

Just back from delivering work to the Emile Gruppe Gallery for my show that will open next Sunday.  Not the best timing for me.  Little did I know what my life would be like in the summer of 201, back in late 2009, when I signed up for the show.  But, we artists are hardy stock, better able to roll with the challenges of life than most. 

I pulled together two groups of photos from my ongoing studies one called Color Space and the other Doll Collection.  Paired with the searcher (the series that I presented at my first AIB critique), I managed to fill the gallery space in a meaningful manner.

Doll Room - Color Space

The Keeping Room - Color Space

Man Cave - Color Space

Doll Collection 1

Doll Collection 2

Doll Collection 3

Doll Collection 4

Destiny Is Opening - searchers series
Heralds May Be Found In Dreams - searchers series

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