Monday, February 21, 2011

monday photos - intermission

Well, loyal followers of the searchers and their quest, the time has come for me to take a break and spend a little time editing and printing and thinking.  Mostly a little time thinking.  In general, I print as photograph, but have been so inspired by the searchers that I have been neglecting the printing.  Before any more progress can be made, our intrepid travelers must move out of the computer and onto the page.

I plan to stop photographing for a few weeks and really look at everything.  As you know this series has been going on for several months and for every image posted, there are at least two dozen more that now need attention.

I will return the week of March 13 with news of our travelers and their progress.  March will also be the launch of the second annual photograph a day for a month contest.  I will post and email more information as the date gets closer.

In the meantime don't forget me and keep our travelers safe in your heart!


  1. Look forward to your intrepid travelers' return.

  2. Can you have a dark night of the soul in full daylight? - David

  3. Little women on the trail favorite cut-outs
    Sidney Eley