Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog Rhymes with Dog

I finally have a moment to myself. AHHHH. My summer teaching has ended and I have ten days off before my next teaching schedule begins.

Yesterday before class I was talking to J. She had a loaded rental truck waiting for her and was shortly off to collect her young daughter and head to Boston to begin an exciting new adventure. I admired her fearlessness and was envious of her pursuit. She told me a friend had suggested she start a blog to share her new life. With a tiny smile she agreed that she liked the idea and most likely would. I felt my admiration and envy shift into a mild anxiety. Blog - yikes! What about my blog? I was no longer thinking about her, but of my own blog-delinquency.

Having a blog is like adopting a new pet. They are incredibly alluring when you first see them. You fall in love immediately. You want one of your own. So, you pay your adoption fees and take it home. Before too long this new family member begins to assert its own personality and its needs. . . It wants attention. . . It needs to eat. . . It needs fresh water. . . It needs exercise. . . And, it needs all of these things often! In a moment of self flagellation you remind yourself that you chose this and you only have yourself to blame. Then when they are sweetly asleep you look at them and think - This is okay. I can handle this!

Now I am back to the beginning and want to say: this morning is beautiful and quiet and I plan to use this first day to myself to make some work. I am not leaving the studio until - who knows when!


  1. I know what you mean - I created the structure for my blog a few months ago and am only now adding the first post!

    I'm glad that we are both holed up at home finally working on our own projects...

  2. Your reverie about blog-delinquency is very recognizable .