Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Heirloom Quilts, the chapter ends?

I set out to make five photo-collage quilts, a number that matched the projects five source images.  I think I'm done (with this chapter anyway).  Over these last few months I made many more than five pieces but eliminated those that didn't fit the story or had become overly complicated to the point that they were more about design than narrative.

Come see the final series at Axel's Gallery August 3 - 17.  Hanging with the Heirloom Quilts will be the Nuclear Family series, along with a few surprises!  Showing along with my work will be the haunting and enigmatic pinhole camera photographs of Amy Hagberg.

I look forward to seeing you at the artist reception on Friday night August 12, 6 - 8 pm.

Saffran  She Was Me and I Was Her  23"x 23" sewn color photo-collage 2016

Saffran  Who Would I Become?  23" x 23" sewn color photo-collage 2016



Saffran  Always Listening For What Wasn't Said 23"x 23" sewn color photo-collage 2016


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