Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reworked an earlier piece by removing the small photos of the attic construction that were originally on the center right panel and added in a detail of two walking figures that also appear in another section of the collage.  3' 8" x 4' 3"

Took the washed photo scraps out of their zip lock bags and put them into loosely knotted sacks of gauze.  The affect is much more gratifying in person.  Still thinking.  5' x 4' 3"

A detail of the gauze pouches.  They look a little like plastic trash bags in this photo - not a bad association but in reality they have quite a bit of texture and sense of weightlessness which matches them to the wallpaper in a more aesthetically pleasing way.  Coming full circle back to the question I started with six months ago - "what does a pocket mean?"

The companion to this piece will be a series of 4 photographs, sewn together,  that will lay on the floor in front of the wallpaper, and will have loose piles of the washed photos on them.  Still in process.

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