Sunday, December 9, 2012

pulling it together

Small reconstructed collages grouped together.  Pieces range in size from  6" x 6" to 6" x 9".  I am thinking about how to install all the work together to make a cohesive statement.

As I washed the photos I collected each one and put them in their own quart size zip lock bag for safe keeping.  Originally I intended to use them in collages, but realized that they seemed just right the way they were.  I am not sure if the zip lock bags should stay or if I should sew bags out of shear fabric or plastic.  There is something about the nowness of a zip lock bag.  An odd contrast.

This collage is 52" x 19".  The scale in this photo is hard to judge.  Here again thinking about a parallel structure between poetry and photography.

The work keeps getting bigger and bigger.  This piece is 57" x 52".  I am running out of room in my studio.  If this keeps up I will have to move.  There is something satisfying about the unmanageability of working this large.  The work is hard to sew, hard to hang, hard to document and very hard to store.  This piece started with the photograph of the doll house wallpaper posted in November.  An image doesn't seem finished until I have cut it apart, reprinted it, sewn it back together or washed it.


  1. It's such a pleasure to watch these startling bursts of color and form appear, ever new. Yes, please move to a bigger space to fit them all in! - David F

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