Thursday, August 23, 2012

 The challenge of representing memory continues.  Working hard to avoid sentimentality and nostalgia by using new snapshots and concentrating on the thought that everything is a memory - every present moment becomes a memory in the next moment.  Incorporating place and the emotional/physical experience of place, as a site of memory.

Continuing to break apart the original snapshot, altering the scale of sections and sew them together to alter the static two dimensional surface.  The smaller image of the face is not sewn to the background at the top, leaving a pocket opening for a future stash.


A second collage, the biggest to date, measures 40" x 38".  By sewing the prints together a warping of the image happens that adds to the distortion of the frame.  Deja vu, I have been here before, memories triggered by an unconscious response to place. 

pocket detail

Concerned with how formal decisions and conceptual concerns add to understanding the content.  Work conceived strictly from the formal lacks heart and interest for me.  There has to be a marriage of that intangible gut poking pause along with a little tug at the intellect for work to hold my attention.  A standard I hold myself to, a standard that keeps pushing me and forcing me to experiment.  I learn as much, if not more,  from the pieces I consider failures.

Continued attempts at sculpting photographs cut from the pocket sections of the vintage apron patterns I previously used.  A mix of snapshots, scanned and printed fabric and maps.  Once again thinking about the role of place and how it is inseparable from memory.

an accordion style page format that has been folded over onto itself

unfolded version for easier reading

 The other project I am working on involves making books from reworked scientific charts that I rip from defunct encyclopedias.  I can't completely give up my love of nostolgia and its seductive offer of a return to a time when life was simpler and all we needed to know came annually in a set of 19 alphabetically labeled volumes.

This is a small book measuring 3" x 2.75" and is housed in a box I made in the shape of a church? a house? covered on the outside with an anatomical drawing and inside with paper showing a stylized version of the heavens.

I adhered to the intent and style of the original chart when altering the words.  Original text was left when it served a purpose relative to my own words. 


  1. Extraordinary explorations. The top photo with the three arms-raised figures is so evocative of memory: was it like this? or like this? or like this? (Though you may have had something quite different in mind, of course...) Holding my breath to see where this all goes. - David F

  2. These new investigations look very interesting. When are you coming to NY? -Rita