Sunday, September 20, 2015

Personal Histories show at the UNSW Canberra Academic Library

I received an email from Robyn Foster, the coordinator of the International Artist Book Exhibition Personal Histories (the subject of a blog post of a few weeks ago), telling me that show is now at the University of New South Wales Library and a photo of my book Possibility, along with photos of books by Candice Hicks (US), Eva Wilkie (Germany) and Jac Balmer (UK) were chosen for the exhibitions website. 

Funny to think that my art is traveling to places I have never been!  Seems fitting that the book is skyrocketing across the planet since its about opening our selves to the unexpected, unbelievable and nearly unimaginable.  

I was unable to find websites for Hicks and Wilkie but you can see their work on the Personal Histories site.

Page from Possibility a handmade book dedicated to my mom - Saffran 2013

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