Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Resurrection  Dimensions vary 60" x 52"

detail 1

detail 2

detail 3

My neighbor shot a coyote and hung it in the entrance to his barn.  When I asked him if he shot it because it was attacking his cows he said no, coyotes won't take down a full grown cow.  This one was just getting too close to the house. 

Even in death the animal was beautiful.  About the size of my dog, his coat was thick and healthy. The bullet that killed him left a hole barely visible above his front left shoulder.  There wasn't any blood and I wouldn't have even noticed the wound if the farmer hadn't pointed it out.

I remember one night, one of my first in Moretown, windows open, hearing the disturbingly eerie cries of a pack of coyotes, but I had never seen one before. I was fascinated in that push-pull way that happens when unpleasant things both draw us in and repel us at the same time. In my mind I imagined the farmer scratching his head in bewilderment as he watched me photograph the coyote. As I worked I grew sad at the loss of such a magnificent animal.

Reading about coyotes I learned that they are even better at learning from observing humans than dogs. This made me sadder. What had the coyote been doing too close to the house?

Another guy is gonna pick it up and have it stuffed. You should have seen it last year when I got five.

I am not judging my neighbor. I have no idea what its like to farm and raise livestock. His family was one of three that owned all the land that is now the town. They once owned the land I live on.

I like to think that salvation applies equally to animals and humans.

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