Sunday, October 20, 2013

PhotoPlace Gallery

My piece Peter 1972 was selected by juror Blue Mitchell to be part of the show Curiouser and Curiouser at the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury.  I am a little behind in sending out this notice and the show has closed but the exhibition catolog is available and may be ordered from the PhotoPlace website.

The intention of the show was, like Alice in Wonderland, to explore those moments of alternative reality in which we find ourselves.

I respect the vision of Blue Mitchell and have been a follower of his digital work and on-line gallery Plates to Pixels for some time.  Curiouser and Curiouser includes strong work by many.  My favorite was Frond by Tara Harland Viney from her series Family Album.  An amalgamation of snapshot and drawing to form a hybrid that speaks to the roles we assume as members of a family unit.  Her images offer a visual interpretation of those unspoken undercurrent that define our role and function within a family system.

Unfortunately the exhibit also included far too many images of women and girls dressed in sexy underwear or mock Victorian garb to simulate the makers erotic interpretation of Lewis Carroll's heroine.  All in all a beautiful catalog and opportunity to meet new artists.

Peter 1972 5' x 6' sewn photographs 2012

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