Saturday, November 12, 2011


Traveling between the material and spiritual worlds, birds are messengers that speak to us, sometimes literally and other times symbolically.  So myths and folklore tells us.  A friend told me that the day her father died a bird repeatedly smashed into her picture window, then disappeared.  Another friend told me that after her mother died a cardinal showed up at her house.  She had never seen a cardinal in her yard before and it was her mother's favorite bird.  Random?  Think of all the phrases we use that have birds as their reference:  "A bird in the hand... A little birdie told me...  Crazy as a loon... Birds of a feather...  Bird brain... Eats like a bird...That's for the birds..."  Language reflects culture.  What is the relationship between humans and birds? Seems like a silly thing to think about and I almost laugh as I write. Yet, on another level, birds do seem to hold a significant place in our lives.  (Why do states have state birds?  We don't have state dogs and dogs are a lot more entwined in our lives).


  1. When my mom was in Hospice, I would sit outside near the water (the facility was on the coast) and there was often a large black bird sitting outside...

    I really enjoy that second image of yours and wonder how you made it...

  2. When my first husband died I came to believe that the raven overhead that kept circling our land was Bob telling me all is well.