Sunday, August 21, 2011


I met with my first semester mentor Jesseca Ferguson of Boston last weekend.  I chose to work with her, not because our work is similar but, because her work inspires me to become a better artist.  We talked for a long time about life and art.  She possess an amazing collection of books, art and objects that she generously shared as examples of creative endeavors.  I brought with me all the photographs I have made since the June residency which was quite a pile scattered across a few themes and emphasizing the different styles that I had been exploring.  (My creative spirit is definitely in the exploratory phase where I am trying everything to find what seems to communicate best.)  The meeting helped clarify and narrow my range of work into manageable catogories.  Of immediate interest to me is the reductive experience of using projections and silhouettes and how they imply a narrative.  The theme, well you tell me. . .

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