Monday, December 27, 2010

monday photos - NOT

This is a bit like "the dog ate my homework"  but, since this blog is about process I decided to share my day with you.

Usually I am inspired to make photographs by a certain quality of sun light or an object - but today the only inspiration I had was time. I decided to work in the studio just the same.  I worked for several hours putting together sets and shooting for the "borrowed language" series, a series that includes the searcher images that have been posted previously. I never quite got into the groove; that magic, smooth wave that moves my mind out of the way and lets the true work begin. However, having the rare gift of time, decided to persist.

After awhile I upload the images into the computer to see what had come from all my hours of shooting.  That went just fine and dandy - saw the little thumbnails in the upload window, dragged them into my external hard drive.  Waited, for what seemed like forever, until all the files were moved into their permanent home.  All was good.

Next I pulled out the cable that connected the card reader to the computer.  (Can you guess where this is going?)  You know that little message that says you have improperly removed an external device and in doing so you might mess up your pictures -  that little red warning sign with the exclamation mark inside?  That warning that you get but never quite believe?!  I am here to tell you BELIEVE IT!  All my hard work was now gone!  How could this happen?  I have no clue.  The pictures were safely in my hard drive but now they were gone!  And, being the neat person I am, I had already deleted the original files from my memory card!  All those pretty little files I was so anxious to see - all gone!

In desperate hopefulness I decided to hold off yelling and screaming until I checked neighboring folders on the hard drive.  Maybe I had inadvertently dragged folder cannon 175 into the wrong place.  No such luck!  Now I was screaming and yelling.  Causing Henry, who had been sleeping at my feet, to wake up and become equally upset.

I guess todays photos were just not meant to be.  Not yet anyway. I do know. from past mishaps, that when I do go back and reshoot todays images they will be even better.  There is something about the process of shooting something again and again that leads to better pictures.  A little consolation.

The sun really is suppose to come out tomorrow!

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