Sunday, October 31, 2010

monday photos 27

These photos are not meant to be a linear narrative.  I am continuing to work with the searchers but also am exploring other elements.  The alligator comes from the many nightmares I have had in which an alligator is swallowing my arm.   I have also just discovered that I can post my photos  as "extra large"!

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  1. oh - the dreaded dream alligator - love love love the milkweed in these - when I was a young girl I put some milkweed pods in my desk drawer not knowing what they would do - weeks later I opened the drawer and they billowed out and flew all over my room - it is a vivid and wonderful memory. I feel drawn to alligators. I have seen them in the wild in Florida, visited an alligator farm and watched the alligator wrestling. Did you know that when they are flipped on their back something happens to their brain within their brain cavity which puts them into a more docile almost meditative state? Perhaps that is what these gators in your dream need - just flip em.