Sunday, September 19, 2010

grand prize winner

Much to my surprise I was awarded the Progressive Pick Grand Prize at the Champlain Valley Expo for my photograph "Ouija Board"!

When Bruce and I went to our annual volunteer stint at the Blue Ribbon Art Gallery, the first day of the fair, I was disappointed to see that I had not won an award. Little did I know that I had won the Grand Prize because it was not announced until the artist reception later in the week.

The judge was D.J. Hellerman (from Boston, I think), and he described the photo as "1950's vanity with metaphysical spirit communication. This is creepily interesting!"

I must say, though, that as much of an honor the award is, I was equally honored by the conversations I had during my time in the gallery with people who responded to my photographs by telling me their personal stories. Conversation that reminded me of the true reason I make art!

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