Monday, April 19, 2010

monday photos

There are two new images in the post after this message. Look for new photos every Monday, except next week I will be away and won't have access to a computer - but I will still be taking pictures!

The setting to leave a comment has been changed so you DO NOT need an account to leave a comment. After typing your comment in the comment box select "anonymous" from the drop down box located underneath it and you can leave a comment. Please add your name to your comment so I will know it was from you. Otherwise you will be anonymous!

Any comment is welcomed - from your opinion about the subject photographed to artistic critique to any memories evoked.

Hearing from you keeps me accountable to myself as an artist and keeps me from feeling like I live and create in a vacuum!

1 comment:

  1. The earth and sky are both interesting and equal attention is given to both. Nice.

    Most people would capture the head of a subject, but not you!

    Keeping you accountable,