Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotional Gimmick and Contest

Are you out there? I want to hear from you. To encourage you - and prove that I don't need Facebook to connect with people- I am challenging you, and myself, to engage each other through a contest!!

Here's the deal: beginning tomorrow I am posting a photo everyday for one month. Everyone who comments on that photo will have their name written down on a piece of paper and the paper will be put into a basket.

Each time you comment on one of my daily pictures your name will again go into the basket (yes I really have a basket). At the end on the thirty days I will have my lovely assistant pull out a name. The person, whose name is pulled, will get a print of their choice from one the photos posted during the contest month. You need not be present to win. (That's a joke) Contest dates will be March 15 - April 15.

Any questions? You probably already know that you have to have a Google Account or an account with Livejournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM or Open ID to leave a comment. If you don't want to create one of those accounts you can email me with your comments and I will still put your name in the basket.

By the way, my challenge will be to take the daily photo and post it. Yikes!

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