Friday, March 19, 2010

day 5


  1. From Stephanie, Thankfully the tree is tougher than the rope that binds it.

    I think the rustling leaves you are hearing, are chuckling at the attempt.

    Please Note: I did not say the semi-obvious "if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it,
    does it make any sound?" I would NOT go there.

  2. Email from Steve, Whoa, just checked your new image. Getting kinda hinky. Really goes spinning off in another direction when you throw a word in there doesn't it? Moves things away from the metaphorical and takes on a narrative quality. "Listen" and then that rope bound tight around the trunk of the tree. At first it seems gentle, a whisper, but then quite forceful when I notice the rope. I thought of a lynching in the woods. "Listen" becomes "Pay Attention!" or even something like "Did you here that?" like in a scary movie when a character hears a creaking sound in the woods. The Boogey Man photo. What's that blurry thing? A whip?

  3. Back to the lobster photo: Such a interesting view of something so ordinary. The flowing water gives it life -- almost as if occurring in nature. Then the yellow tag grounds it to reality - captivity and ending up on someone's dinner plate.