Sunday, September 13, 2009

and so ends summer

As ends the fair so goes summer. I am busy putting together work to show along with Mary Johnson and Allison Hale at the UVM Living and Learning Gallery. More about that later.

Bruce and I enjoyed our volunteer work as gallery assistants in the Blue Ribbon Arts Building the last Saturday of the fair. The art show manager told me that sales of the framed/hung pieces of art was up over $1,000 from last year. Could this mean that people are starting to feel economic confidence and realize how desperately they need art to enrich their lives? hmmmm, hope so. Bruce personally helped sell three pieces of art, one being a very nice photograph. Well, the photograph was a little bit of the traditional Vermont landscape thing. But, still nice.

I won a ribbon! Honorable mention in the "leaf/leaves" category. No money involved, oh well. Next year I aim to place and get the cash! Its kind of a traditional Vermont landscape kinda thing too! What do you expect? Its the fair! I love the fair!

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  1. That picture of Bruce is hysterical. And damn, I love the fair too. Next year, please pester me to submit work to the show!