Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sketches and Neko Case

When I don't know what the next project will be I start by taking random pictures of whatever strikes my eye. Sometimes I will come across just the right chachka that will push my mind in a certain direction. Other times, something I find at Recycle North or by the side of the road, (literally) will be a catalyst, the binding link, for bringing together objects and strange things that I may all ready have in the studio. I think of this part of my musings as sketching. I have been in sketching mode since finishing "Cohabitation", or more locally known as "The Allure of Rocks."

I continue sketching until images start to pile up and sort themselves into more complete sentences. Once a group identifies itself I begin to earnestly pursue that direction.

It seems, right now, that a series on interior spaces is beginning to emerge. Photographing existing spaces, scenes that I have not set up, is a bit of a departure for me. I am drawn to the ease of looking and photographing without controlling the space. Maybe, because I have been feeling ungrounded lately, disconnected by gravity, that this process is appealing. Paying close attention to my surrounding is bringing me back to Earth.

Seems ironic that most of my photographs are from the interior of my mind but are not thought of as interiors; yet here is a new group of images that are from outside of myself but are actually of interiors. The picture above, as of yet untitled, was taken yesterday when I was at a technical college. I was wondering unfamiliar halls, looking for a room when I saw it. At this point I won't say much more. I want to see how it fits in with the other photographs I have in mind for the series.

The ride yesterday was just long enough to give me the chance to really listen to my latest Neko Case CD "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood". After devouring her most recent disc "Middle Cyclone" I was excited to hear what else she had to say. I wasn't disappointed. If I didn't admire her so much I might be jealous! Not only can she write music and lyrics, sing, play instruments she is an amazing visual artists. Check out her CD artwork and website

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